Completing Surveys

I decided to add completing surveys or paid surveys as they’re sometimes known into the bad ideas section rather than calling it a scam.

While it is true that there are lots of scammy survey sites out there (where generally you have to pay a fee to join), there are others that genuinely do pay you for completing surveys.

The problem is that you might only get a survey to fill in once every blue moon, and when you do you might only be earning a few pence to maybe £3 or £4 for each one that you fill in.

While this might help you to make a few pounds over 12 months or more, it is in absolutely no way whatsoever a good way to make money if you need to make a living, or need to earn some serious cash.

On top of that you usually don’t get paid straight away.

What happens is that every time you complete a survey the money is added to your account, and you have to wait until the money in your account reaches a certain threshold (maybe £20, £30, or more) before you can withdraw it.

So while it might be possible to make some money doing surveys, as you can see it isn’t going to make you much money, and certainly isn’t the basis for an online business, or other long term plan for your main source of income.


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